Cisco Video Monitoring System

Cisco Video Monitoring System

Cisco Video Monitoring System - video surveillance management for 16 cameras
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Integrate your Cisco Small Business Video Surveillance Cameras into a complete video monitoring solution by using the Video Monitoring System for 16 Cameras (SWVMS16). SWVMS16 provides centralized management of up to 16 cameras with monitoring, recording, and playback capabilities (Figure 1).
SWVMS16 supports nine video viewing formats and simultaneous display of up to 16 cameras. In addition, the system supports multiple recording modes, including continuous, scheduled, manual, and event triggered.

An intuitive user interface allows for quick configuration of the motion detection settings. Ten motion detection windows can be created in the SWVMS16 interface, regardless of the number of motion detection windows natively supported by the camera. Configurable motion detection settings and external input triggers reduce storage needs by recording only video of interest.
With SWVMS16, you can save recordings locally or on accessible network storage devices such as the Cisco Small Business Network Storage Systems (NSS). Recordings are limited only by available disk space. The system also supports two-way audio recordings.

The playback options supported by SWVMS16 include digital zoom, variable forward and backward playback speed (1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, and 16x), and real-time on-the-fly video enhancement (visibility, sharpness, brightness, contrast, and grayscale). SWVMS16 also provides advanced management features such as multiple password-protected user accounts.

Setup is simple, with automatic camera discovery and the ability to copy camera settings from one camera to another. Complete configuration files can also be imported or exported from one computer to another.

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